PEF Background

The Palestinian Employment Fund (PEF) is the national umbrella for employment and the executive arm of the national employment policies and the Ministry of Labor policies in the field of employment. We seek to provide sustainable work opportunities for youth graduates, women, marginalized groups, persons with disabilities, and unemployed persons. We do so by either providing job opportunities or supporting self-employment and entrepreneurial projects through providing financial portfolios and technical services including business advisory services. 


PEF was established by Presidential Decree No. (9) of 2003, as a national institution with legal personality and independent financial authority. PEF’s Board of Directors is distinguished by its representation to all components of the labor market, including government, workers, employers, and the civil society.


PEF's strategic objective is to fight poverty and unemployment by creating job opportunities for the unemployed and supporting small and entrepreneurship projects. It provides specialized assistance aiming to empower small and entrepreneurial projects.  


The beneficiaries are individuals, families, vulnerable, poor, and low-income groups, and those who are unemployed and unproductive, especially marginalized and sensitive sectors of women and persons with disabilities. To do so, PEF develops plans and emergency interventions for crises resulting from political, economic, and health situations.