Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Promotion Project ( Fajr Alquds)

The project is implemented in collaboration with Fajr Alquds Foundation for Loans and Financial Affairs. The project is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).The project aims to create jobs for the unemployed youth in Jerusalem through self-employment and encourage establishing of innovative medium, small and micro entrepreneurial projects and to providing a decent life and decent work for every entrepreneur. The project also aims to contribute to improving the business environment and economic structure within the city of Jerusalem and to creating sustainable jobs; strengthening the capacities of  young people; and enhance their participation in economic and social development. The project encouraging self-employment to enhance beneficiaries’ resilience on their land, especially for young graduates, and unemployed people, and encourage of initiative ideas.  At least 7 beneficiaries will be targeted in the project, the project started in December 2019 and will last for six months.