“Cash-For-Work” Component in the West Bank

The "Cash-For-Work" Component falls within the emergency response to social protection project as a result of the emerging Corona Pandemic. It is funded by the World Bank, and implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Finance within the framework of the emergency response plan announced by the Ministry of Labor.


- Donor:

  • The World Bank

- Executing Agency:

  • The Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection for Workers, through the Ministry of Finance

- Implementation Partners:

  • Non-governmental organizations within the eligibility criteria

- Project Value:

  • $ 8 million

- Project Duration:

  • Three years

- Project Geographical Area:

  • Governorates of the West Bank

- Target Sectors and Groups:

  • Education Sector
  • Health Sector
  • Social Services Sector
  • Services Sector to Improve the Economic Level of the Population, Especially Agriculture

- Project Targets:

Providing 3060 job opportunities for a period of 6 months for the unemployed, especially those affected by the pandemic in the West Bank. This is by financing operational projects for non-governmental qualified organizations.


- Basic Eligibility Criteria for Participating Organizations:

1- Organization must have at least 5 years of experience in the field.

2- Must be a Palestinian non-profit organization legally registered with the Ministry of the Interior.

3- Must have been established 6 years before the date of this project.

4- To have approved financial and administrative systems.

5- Must have administrative technical capabilities and human resources to be able to implement the project.

6- Have ability to implement activities in the governorates of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

7- Annual expenditure equal to or more than $150,000 for the past three years (2017, 2018, and 2019).

8- Organization must have a proven record and previous experience implementing similar activities.


- Basic Eligibility Criteria for the Proposal:

1- Project must provide financing for job opportunities for low-skilled individuals and high-skilled individuals.

2- Each working period is short-term for a period of 6 months.

3- Project can be implemented in a maximum period of 10 months.

4- Project must provide at least 100 job opportunities.

5- Project must target one of the following intervention areas: health, education, social services, or improving the economic level of the population, especially agriculture.






For Questions and Complaints:

Email: c4w_complaints@pfesp.ps

Phone: 0097022984184

link: Palestinian Fund for Employment | Complaints Corner (pfesp.ps)