PEF Governance

First: Board of Directors

PEF Board of Directors is distinguished by the nature of its formation and the diversity of its members. They represent the sectors and institutions that represent all segments of Palestinian society. They thoroughly represent of all components of the labor market, including government, representatives of workers, employers and civil society, in addition to a geographical representation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Second: Executive Council

According to presidential decree of forming PEF issued in 2003, the Executive Council is formed under the chairmanship of His Excellency the Minister of Labor. The most important of its tasks is to discuss and follow up the financial, administrative, and technical affairs of PEF and implement and follow up the decisions of the Board of Directors. The Council follows up the financial conditions of PEF and approves the financial budgets signed through its periodic meetings.

Third: Executive Management

PEF is keen on interior construction and recruiting qualified and distinguished cadre tailored to the programs and services provided by PEF to provide the best possible performance.