Economic Recovery through the Provision of Decent Work in the Gaza Strip - Temporary Employment

Project Description: This project targets several sectors, the most prominent of which are the local authorities (municipalities) sector and the agricultural sector. The project provides the necessary human resources with 295 beneficiaries distributed among the nine-targeted municipalities (Umm Al-Nasr - Beit Hanoun - Al-Nuseirat - Deir Al-Balah - Al-Maghazi - Al-Bureij - New Abasan - Al-Fukhari - Al-Nasr) and the Ministry of Agriculture Gaza and North Branch.

The aim: Working on the temporary employment of 295 workers for the sake of economic recovery by providing decent work in the Gaza Strip.

Geographical area: Gaza Strip

Target groups: Marginalized groups in the neediest areas of the Gaza Strip

Donor: The Norwegian Government

Partners: United Nations Development Program (UNDP) / PAPP

Budget: $ 55,740, and the beneficiaries' dues are transferred directly from the partner's accounts with a total value of $ 2 million

Time Duration: 02/05/2020 - 11/30/2020