Mashro’ak project

The project started in July 2018, the project considered as one of the most important established partnerships with the banking sector. The project aims to building a policy of strengthening its role and integrating it in economic development and reducing unemployment in Palestine by contributing to the support and establishment of small and micro enterprises for the unemployed and entrepreneurs, especially young people and fresh graduates. The project intervention including providing technical support and follow-up and providing advisory services to ensure continuity, promoting self-employment, increasing and diversifying production as needed. The market, encouraging the use of local raw materials, and focusing on modern technology, the project will ends in 2023. Project outputs achieved through the end of 2019 include:

  • 171 small and micro projects were established.
  • 403 jobs were created.
  • 2015 beneficiaries were benefited from interventions.
  • 58% of the established projects were new, while 42% were developing of existing ones.