Business Development

The Business Development Services section is an important sectopn of the Technical Services Department, as it provides a non-financial services aimed at enhancing emploment by launching entrepreneurial projects and increasing the number of small, medium and micro businesses, developing their performance, raising awareness among potential entrepreneurs and helping them to create their own projects, and encourage all the work of the private sector in order to achieve optimal investment within the value added chain.

PEF provides a package of business development services for entrepreneurs in order to obtain financing or develop their capabilities in the field of business or developing their existing projects, through training, accompaniment, technical, legal, financial and organizational advisory from idea search phase, to producing phase. The services provided through BDS team or through OSS/BDS units of partners at the private sector. In addition to provide a package of direct or indirect financing services for entrepreneurs, in addition to providing financial and non-financial incentives for entrepreneurial ideas in some sectors and for some vulnerable groups and regions. On the other hand, work is in progress to increase  knowledge in the field of small and entrepreneurial projects, priority sectors and investment opportunities, also enhance marketing opportunities for small projects products at the national and international levels, so the PEF is continuously developing its administrative structures and its specialized departments to achieve these goals. PEF works to expand its partnerships with all the main stakeholders,  government, private sector, civil society institutions or donors, and many other institutions, as it seeks to reach all Palestinians in all their whereabouts.