Employment Generation for Young Gazan Woman - Go for It Project

Project Description: The purpose of the project is to increase the access and intervention of unemployed females who seek to enhance their skills through Technical, Vocational Educational Training (TVET), and through a series of training courses. They include soft skills courses and technical training courses implemented by TVET coaches. This is by using the learning methodology work-based and business skills courses that will enhance their abilities of how starting their own business.

This project will contribute to enhancing the skills of 100 females. In turn, it will improve their chances of obtaining a sustainable job in various industrial and economic sectors. This is according to informed maps to study the reality of TVET and the needs of the labor market in the Gaza Strip.

The aim: Contributing to better access to the labor market for female job seekers through business and vocational training to obtain a better job opportunity. So, they can access the labor market and enhance their chances of getting jobs and developing their living conditions.

Geographical area: Gaza Strip

Target groups: 100 unemployed females want to start working on their own business

Partners: TVET Centers

Budget: $ 275,000

Time Duration: 01/07/2020 - 30/03/2021