Start-Up Palestine Project

This program launched in 2014 by the PEF in cooperation with MoF and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. It aims at tackling the need of credit of vulnerable groups and financing micro and small entrepreneurship’s initiatives especially Women, new graduates, and small farmers, through existing financial institutions (PFESP, Cooperatives Associations for Saving and Credit and other financial non-banking institutions), as well as expanding the operational capacity of (SME’s) in order to motivate employment opportunities.

This exceptional program has contributed in improving the social and economic impact while ensuring the sustainability of MSMEs that have been given priority were a credit line portfolio has been established especially for this purpose. The actual implementation of the PEF interventions started in 2016. The following outputs have been achieved till the end of the year 2019:

  • 1,634 MSMEs were established.
  • 3,071 jobs were created.
  • The number of direct beneficiaries of the project reached 15335.
  • The project continues to achieve the goals, and it is expected that not less than 125 projects will be established until the year 2023 annually by depending on loans from borrowers continuously, and at least 295 permanent and temporary job opportunities will be created annually, in addition to 1475 individual are expected to benefit from them direct.
  • 78% of the existed projects that were supported have been developed, while 22% of them are new projects.