Support and Assistance

PEF seeks to provide a quality service in the field of business and most salient features of the services provided by PEF through the Technical Services Department, the creation of a support department whose mission is to provide support and assistance to the owners of entrepreneurial and startups projects. This is in terms of the most appropriate legal forms of projects, how to register them, licensing procedures and networking with official authorities and others. In addition to support in establishing local, national and external partnership relations, as well as assisting in preparing the project for integration into the local labor market and supporting it in marketing, networking, and opening markets. Also, working on following up projects and overcoming obstacles facing entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

This includes providing services to entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises and developing existing ones to promote the small business sector. Citizens are supported along the project's value chain from idea to planning and assistance with financing, implementation and evaluation. The legal form of the project (company, cooperative or unregistered) is totally ignored. Official registration services for the project are also provided by official bodies such as the Ministry of Labor or the Ministry of National Economy.