Green Hopes - Gaza Project

Project Description: The project is being implemented in the northern governorate of the Gaza Strip in partnership between the PFESP, ACS, CISS, Studio Azue, UAWC and AISHA, and with the participation of the local community.

The initiative focuses on the problems of the residents of Al-Nada, Al-Awda and Al-Asbah neighborhoods near the border. They were among the most affected areas during the military attack on the Strip. They not only destroyed the infrastructure of goods and property, but also had serious consequences for the psychosocial well-being of the residents.

PFESP roles is carrying out the social need assessment to determine the weaknesses and needs of targeted residents, and then to hold specialized training in Enterprise skills, business skills and self-employment projects. In addition to granting 5 grants to the people of the region to establish their Small income-generating projects, which contribute in improving the economic situation for them and their families

The aim: Increasing the social welfare of the residents of the popular areas in Al-Nada, Al-Ezbah, and Al-Awda in Gaza. This is thanks to the development of a new green and multi-purpose urban pole and a theater for productive and solidarity economic activities.

Geographical area: The northern Gaza Strip

Target groups: Vulnerable groups in the marginalized areas in the northern Gaza Strip

donor: AICS via the ACS Foundation

Partners: CISS, UAWC, Studio Azue, AISHA

Budget: $ 37,860

Time Duration: 6-month from starting the activity.