Sub-grants under Peace Steps Project

Sub-grants under Peace Steps Project

PFESP announces small grants amount for 2000 Euros targeting local community institutions in Palestine.

These grants come within the framework of the "Peace Steps" project, implemented in cooperation with the Italian organization "Vento Di Terra" and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). They aim to promote comprehensive and sustainable economic and social growth in Palestinian communities.

Grant Eligibility Criteria:

  • An active non-profit association in one of the following sectors: education, health, women's economic empowerment, youth economic empowerment, child and orphan care, and people with disabilities.
  • Association must have an economic activity (generating income) such as agriculture, light industries (toy industry, food processing, sewing and embroidery, handicrafts, etc.), trade and services (tourism, entertainment, retail and wholesale, etc.)
  • A valid registration certificate from the official authorities.
  • An effective bank account for the institution.
  • The proposed grant budget shouldn't exceed 2000 euros.
  • Fill out the application and attach all the required documents on time.

General conditions:

  • The administrative efficiency of the association so that they have the ability to improve the overall performance of the institution.
  • The soundness of the financial status in the institution according to the latest audited financial report.
  • The association has the necessary ingredients to achieve growth and development.
  • The proposed activities for the grant should not have a negative impact on public safety, health, and the environment.
  • Grant currency is Euro.

Grant Uses:

  • Purchase of supplies, equipment, and machinery to improve production.
  • Raise the efficiency of the workforce through training.
  • Improvement and rehabilitation of the work facility.
  • Developing the product.
  • Marketing (designing product cover, Developing website, etc.)

Therefore, we invite the concerned civil society institutions and associations to view the grant details and download the application file through PFESP's website at the following link:

Application Link


Requests, all required attachments, and any inquiries will be sent to the following email:

Or deliver it to the seat of PFESP:

Ramallah - Adel Al-Masry Complex, 4th floor, Al-Jihad Street, Al-Masyoun

Gaza - Al-Tomouh Building, 5th floor, Al-Jalaa Street, above Jawwal Co.


Eligible applications will be reviewed by the grant’s evaluation committee. Incomplete applications and associations that do not fulfil the eligibility criteria will be excluded.

The deadline for receiving applications is Thursday 19-03-2020.