ShaimaYousef Hamouda

A Graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2016, since her graduation Shaima began volunteering in pharmacies, in addition to obtaining many courses in the field of medicines and cosmetics,she was selected to be one of the beneficiaries of the project of the Youth for Development of the Palestinian Fund, Shaima said in an interview with her " I was nominated to work in one of the best and most powerful pharmacies in my city. I received many skills and experience. I performed my duties to the fullest with the support of the pharmacy administration and the Palestinian Employment Fund, I used to dispense written in the prescription medications from specialist doctors and revise the correct methods of using and showing the side effects of the medicines for customers, as well as following up expiration dates of the medicines that are available in the pharmacy and revising and checking registration numbers and bills  that belong to the pharmacy, and I was explaining to the customers about the cosmetics and how to use it, this opportunity added a lot to me, all thanks to the Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection, my advice to all graduates to volunteer to earn experiences and improve their skills.