A unique Success Story by Pursuing Engineers in the Field Project

Iyad Maaleh and Heba Masad one of graduates of the Faculty of Engineering, specializing in architecture from Al-Najah National University, in 2006 and 2007 respectively , the two youth graduated with great ambitions starting from finding a job opportunity in an engineering office with the aim of obtaining the necessary experience and constant income, to have their own consulting office and contribute to building this country and improving its infrastructure, but unfortunately, as soon as these dreams dissipated as a result of the collision of the labor market which engulfed thousands of unemployed engineering graduates, and searchers even for semi-jobs opportunities and all disciplines.

Heba was waiting for the day-to-day newspaper and online staffing websites that may come up with new insights into her ongoing struggle for a job opportunity, on the other hand, as a male youth, Iyad decided to go on living away from his distinguished specialty, as an architect in order to secure his day’s energy instead of being dependent on his surroundings. He worked in various jobs including his work in Israel. 

The case went on until the project "engineers in the field" was launched, in which the engineers saw a glimmer of hope to change the bitter reality, and all they had to do is to be quick in proceeding to benefit from the project, while the selection went to them and staffing them in Al-Manara engineering office in Jenin governorate. This job gives the engineers opportunity that they have been looking for for a long time, they work in an appropriate and safe environment, and most importantly, they work in their field of specialization and are mostly relied on in most cases as architects with experience in the engineering field.

This is what was confirmed by the owner and director of the office, Mr. Engineer "Abu Mustafa", who expressed his conviction that the need to enhance engineers Iyad and Heba permanently in the work at his office by 100%, noting that they constitute two pillars in the work of the Office, which leads him to do away with them only In one case... that each of them be able to establish their own engineering office with our wishes for success for the engineers Heba and Iyad and move forward.